Please join us in Our Aspirations:

(1)    To run revision courses for GCSE and A' level students in secondary schools in our local area (Abbey Wood and Thamesmead) 

(2)    We intend to liaise with some of our confreres who are Prison Chaplains in Nigeria, and also with the Association of International Charities (AIC) Nigeria, to construct a rehabilitation centre for female prisoners. The aim is to empower them with short training  courses so that they can acquire skills in different fields like sewing, fashion design, hairdressing, etc. before reintegrating them into the society. We need to help them reclaim their self esteem and worth.

(3) To equip a special school in Oraifite for deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired students.

(4) To sponsor some missionaries who would continue the work of charity in the mind of St. Vincent de Paul.