The Congregation of the  Mission, popularly known as the Vincentians, or the Lazarists, is a Roman Catholic Missionary Congregation of Apostolic Life, founded by St. Vincent de Paul in France in 1625. Its objective, among other things, is to alleviate as far as possible the sufferings of people anywhere, but particularly the marginalised in the areas of education, health, spirituality or social emancipation without discrimination of age, gender, race or religion. This was at the back of the mind of the Trustees of the Congregation of the Mission (Abbey Wood) when registering this Charity in England and Wales.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to reach out to those in need. We aim to be the voice of the voiceless in the society; and to empower the young through education and self reliant projects that would reduce dependency; to combat against all material, physical, moral and spiritual forms of poverty and suffering without religious or political discrimination. We aim to sponsor those who will give their lives for the evangelisation and emancipation of peoples.

Our Values:

Our intention is to strive to live up to the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul; bearing in mind, as he said, that the "poor are our Lords and Masters". Poverty here may either be material, spiritual, or social.

Our belief is that the Gospel message always requires the transformation of an unjust social order; and its task through catechesis is to denounce and oppose such injustices where ever they exist in order to improve our world.

We appreciate and value the efforts of our brothers and sisters in the third world, especially in Africa, as regards improving their situations in the area of education, health and prison services and facilities, as well as potable drinking water. We would wish to lend a helping hand through structural change via honest and accountable religious agents and NGOs.

As a part of our hallowed values, we will be honest stewards of all resources entrusted to us by our donors for the purpose for which this charity is established. We will be openly accountable to our donors, our recipients and the public.

We will strive to bring the benefits of any project we carry out to as wide a group of beneficiaries as we are able. We are disposed to work in partnership with any person, group or organisation that appreciates our mission.

Very Rev. Richard Diala CM and Fr. Blaise Amadi CM